about TT

Structural traffic education

TotallyTraffic is the name and brand for a program for structural traffic education in secondary schools in the Netherlands. The program and brand mark as such were developed in 2009 by the province of Zuid-Holland. Soon after the province of Noord-Brabant decided to join forces and, rather than each keeping to its own, work together in improving traffic education in secondary school. TotallyTraffic is now offered to secondary schools in three out of twelve Dutch Provinces and in the regio Amsterdam.

The key is...

TotallyTraffic was developed from the notion that education is key when it comes to being safe in traffic. To be safe in traffic, traffic education should not stop in elementary school but should be continued in secondary school. The modes of transport and responsibilities change a lot in the age between 12 and 18. Teenagers start travelling longer distances and travel more independently, it is important to prepare them for these tasks. TotallyTraffic strives to embed traffic education structurally in the curriculum of secondary schools.

Structural, contemporary, high quality Traffic education is key within the program. The focus is on the actual traffic education itself. TotallyTraffic offers the schools intensive counselling to help them embed traffic safety into their curriculum and advise the schools where necessary. One of the crucial and key success factors is that every school has a personal counsellor that is offered to the schools as part of the program. The schools are also offered high quality lesson plans and materials for free as part of the program.


To help the schools obtain a basic quality standard in the actual traffic education Noord-Brabant has developed de ‘TotallyTraffic modulebox’. The TT-modulebox contains 7 different modules build around seven themes that are considered important for teenagers in traffic.

Each module consists of 3 complete lesson plans including student assignments and student material. Lesson 1 focuses on raining awareness within the theme, lesson 2 focuses on experiencing and lesson 3 focuses on enhancing knowledge. The logic behind this is that students need to be aware of the problem first, than experience the problem for themselves before gaining knowledge about how to solve the problem and behave in a safer manner.